Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Speed Reading

Jane and Tyler yack it up about speed reading.

I have been told I read fast and I think I do it the same manner that I write fast - I ignore individual letters and sometimes words. Most of my frequent readers are familiar with my horrendous spelling and sometimes words. I also often use the wrong word if it sounds like the word I mean.

Some time ago I was told this is called chunking. Digesting whole words or phrases instead of their parts. If my upbringing is any guess it comes from reading lots and lots, so that just about any phrase you are likely to read in the future you have read many times before.

Just as most people recognize the letter "E" instantly without looking at its parts or recongnize the word "and" without looking at its letters I recognize whole phrases. It also means that I can write (or read) a jumbled phrase without realizing it.