Sunday, February 18, 2007

What To Do About Mitt?

I would have voted to for Mitt Romney.

He was a progressive capitalist who understands the importance of free market economics in growing the economy, but also appreciates the role government can play in making sure that growth benefits the less fortunate and yes, less talented members of our society.

He was a man with seemingly strong personal moral conviction but without the need to impose those convictions on others. He was a supporter of gay rights, women’s rights and stem cell research.

He might have been the closest thing to a classically liberal candidate we’ve seen since the days of classical liberals.

That Mitt Romney, however, had no shot at winning the Republican nomination. And so, we are left with a different Mitt Romney. One who has had a “personal conversion” to more socially conservative ideals.

So what do I do now?

Do I support for the guy who used to be Governor of Massachusetts or do I oppose the man who is now running for President.

Can you trust that someone is being untrustworthy, hoping that they are genuinely disingenuous?

Ah, what to do about Mitt.