Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cruel Calculus - CT Scan Edition

Cruel Calculus - A series is in which I propose efficient but politically and perhaps morally unpalatable solutions to what ails society.

Kling refers to the gray area of medicine - procedures, like CT scans to uncover lung cancer, that are not justified by statistics. CT scans don't do a cost effective job a catching cancer but they do make the patient feel better. So should insurance pay?

Kling says no.

I say yes, but with a catch. If we find cancer then not only is the CT scan covered but you get to pocket the money the insurance company saves because it has the option of tackling the problem earlier.

If there is no cancer then you owe the cost of the procedure, payable in 60 monthly installments, financed at the current 5 year T-Note rate.

Not only does this allow who "just have to know" to get the procedures they want without imposing high costs (and hence premiuums) on the rest of us, it also gives a nice bonus to those truly in touch with their medical needs.

Imagine,insurance that pays you when bad things happen and charges you when they don't.


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